Schedule professional plumbing services in Lewisburg, PA

Schedule professional plumbing services in Lewisburg, PA

Repair Your Faulty Plumbing Right Away

Don't panic if your faucet is leaking or your water heater isn't working. The plumbing contractors at Geiser and Co. can repair your broken plumbing fixtures in the Lewisburg, PA area.

We repair everything from well pumps to running toilets. You can trust us to inspect your plumbing, locate any issues and repair them as quickly as possible. If your plumbing needs to be replaced, we can handle that, too. You can count on our plumbing contractors to repair or replace your:

  • Clogged drain
  • Failed sump pump
  • Leaky pipe
  • Running toilet
  • Broken water heater

We can also install a water softener in your home to prevent hard water from eating away at your plumbing. It can save you a lot of money in the long run. Get in touch with us today to schedule plumbing services.

Turn to Geiser and Co. for plumbing services in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Instead of spending your free time trying to repair your broken plumbing, you should hire a professional plumber to do it because:

We stay up-to-date on local plumbing codes
We install and repair plumbing fixtures correctly
We can repair multiple plumbing fixtures in a single visit
We have the latest plumbing equipment

Call 570-452-5377 now with any questions about our plumbing services.